St Andrew's Chapel

St. Andrew's Monastery Chapel or the Chapel of Chitterne, as it is called by Tanner, is thought to have stood on, or near, a spot where an old gabled building with an ornamental arched gateway adjoining, stands today. Some stone coffins were unearthed behind this old building.

The Chapel must have already existed in 1142, for that year it was given to Bradenstoke Priory by Walter of Salisbury, great-grandfather of Ela.

Walter's son, Patrick, took the Chapel back in exchange for land at Wilcote. Later, after Ela had founded Lacock Abbey in 1229, her son William gave all his lands at Chitterne to the Abbey.

In the Inquisitiones Nonarum of 1341, the Chapel was valued at 3. 3s. 4d. Alongside, the Prior of Bradenstoke also had one carucate of land and a dovehouse, valued at 1. 6s. 8d.

The bell and the bell turret of the Chapel were struck by lightning and destroyed in 1447.

This old water-colour painting depicting the ornamental gateway, with the Gate House behind the wall, is undated and of unknown origin.