The Sifrewast (or Cyfrewast) Family

The Sifrewasts were the principle tenants in Chitterne of the Earls of Salisbury since before the latter granted their lands to Lacock Abbey.

There is mention in a Feet of Fines of 1251, of a Roger de Sifrewast acknowledging the right of Richard to a tenement in Chitterne, which Richard had by gift from a Henry de Bath. For this, Richard then granted Roger a part of his lands in Chitterne and the capital messuage, except the advowson of the church, to hold of him. Roger was the father and his son and heir was Sir Richard de Sifrewast, whose only daughter Margaret, married John de Tichbourne and was living in 1346.

John (Johannes) de Cyfrewast is mentioned in the Nomina Villarum of 1316 as holding part of Chitterne. He may have been Margaret's brother, who had died childless, leaving her as his heir.