Family of Edward of Salisbury

The parents of Edward of Salisbury are unknown, although it is possible that he was connected in some way with Wulfwen, who held part of Chitterne before the conquest. Edward was an Englishman who, unusually, continued to hold a large valuable tract of land after the victory by the Normans at the battle of Hastings in 1066. This part of England was valuable as, at that time, Wiltshire was part of Wessex, the most influential region of England and home of the capital city, Winchester.

How Chitterne passed down the family line.

1) Edward was made Sheriff of Wiltshire, possibly as early as 1070, and had a castle at Old Sarum. William the Conqueror visited this castle on 1st August 1086 and took oaths of allegiance from his important followers. Edward had a son named Walter who inherited the lands.

2) Walter married Sibilla de Chaworth and founded Bradenstoke Priory (near Lyneham, Wiltshire), and gave the Chapel of St Andrew, Chitterne, to it. In 1142, after his wife's death, he became a monk at Bradenstoke. He and his wife are buried in one grave. His son called Patricius (Patrick) inherited.

3) Patrick was made Earl of Salisbury, by Empress Matilda. He was steward of her household and took her side in her quarrel with King Stephen. He took the Chapel of St Andrew back from Bradenstoke, in exchange for some land at Wilcot. He was murdered by Guy de Lusignan when returning from a crusade to a foreign land. He was married twice and by his second wife had a son named William who inherited.

4) William, second Earl of Salisbury, married Alianor de Viteri (died 1194). He was appointed Licensee of Tournaments by the King. William died 1196. He had an only child called Ela who inherited.

5) Ela, birth date unknown, succeeded to the title (Countess of Salisbury) and estates.

(See separate page on Ela, Countess of Salisbury)

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