The Morgan Family

The Morgan family were principle tenants in Chitterne of the Abbess of Lacock.

Edward Morgan founded a chancel in All Saints Church at a yearly value of 6:3:4d. When he died in 1530 he held the manors of Chitterne All Saints and St Mary. His will mentions John Morgan senior, his uncle, John Morgan his brother and his children, Peter, Edward, Philip, John, Isabel, Elizabeth, Jane and Joan.

In the Ecclesiastical Survey of 1535 John Morgan is listed as renting demesne lands, meadows and pastures.

At the dissolution of Lacock Abbey in 1539, the manor at Chitterne was valued at 49:4:3¼d. John Morgan was chief tenant.

The family are thought to have lived in what is now called the Gate House. This may be the property called "Morgan's Hold" that is mentioned in John Flower's Inquisitione Post Mortem of 1626 and "Morgans" that is mentioned in Matthew Ley's Inquisitione Post Mortem of 1635.

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