Moodys of Chitterne

If there is a 'head of river' for the Moodys of the Warminster Registration District, then it is probably in C16th. Boyton. I have a private theory, that needs expanding, that most of the area, even out as far as Broad Chalk, Corsley, Beckington and even perhaps Frome was seeded from that village. My line came via Upton Lovell and Horningsham.

There has been a Moody presence in Chitterne from, at least, 1650 to 1967. In the main, Family History research is alarmingly forgiving when it comes to speculation. A recent snippet has been received to show that an Edmund Moody was appointed Registrar to the two Chitterne parishes in 1654. I have note of an Edmund, c.1595 in Boyton, the youngest of five children. He probably arrived in Chitterne some time after 1620 to allow him to be judged 'an upright citizen' and 'worthy' of his appointment. It is calculated that he had a son, Edmund ll, born about 1645. Parish records show him married to Jane. Their infant son, Edmund lll, was buried 5.2.1673, followed by Jane, 17.8.1673. Mind boggling time -! - 13.11.1673 Edmund ll marries Mary Turner and their twins are buried 21.12.1673!!. Their next daughter was bap.19.1.1675 but buried 28.12.1675. Better luck with the next daughter, Jane, named after the first wife?, bap.22.11.1678. Wife2, Mary was buried 21.5.1679. Wife3 was Judith Wyatt, married in Rushall , 29.12.1679, fate unknown, but Wife4, Susanna was buried 19.1.1684. Edmund was buried 19.1.1694!

Two brothers, Thomas and John, arrived from Horningsham and eventually married the Huntley girls, also from Chitterne. There is little to indicate that Thomas's line lasted more than a couple of generations in Chitterne. John and Elizabeth begat Joseph who begat Elizabeth and Robert. My line is from Robert and can be accounted for to the modern day, albeit through Dorset and the mobility of Government Service. By the 1891 Census, the line from Elizabeth had produced three possible links to the present day; through Edwin/Gertrude, who died in 1967, Thomas/Deborah Compton and the then unmarried Frederick William. That research I will leave to another party.

There is a record of William who married Sarah Alford, probably at Knook, 3.4.1800. Sarah was buried in Heytesbury, 4.8.1811 and William died 20.7.1837, buried Chitterne. William's line can be traced back to Boyton, but is not the Rev.William of Wylye/Steeple Langford; a separate line, probably from Wilton.

There is little to suggest, at this time, that there are any lines from Edmund, William or Thomas, on the male side, through to modern times. As a PS, I would appreciate information on the marriage of Robert to Ann Newberry/bury, C1830 and the birth of James Newberry Moody, 1837 or 1841.

SKitch - PWillard

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