Matthew Ley

Matthew Ley died in 1635 at Teffont Evias, with no issue. He held many tracts of land and buildings of the Kings Duchy of Lancaster, by knight's service, in south Wiltshire and Somerset, among them some in both parishes of Chitterne. In "Inquisitiones Post Mortem" these are described thus:

"...the manors or farms of Milbornes Courte and Morgans, and divers lands, tenements, and hereditaments in Chitterne All Saints and Chitterne Mary; which said manor or farm of Milbornes Courte, and the lands, etc., thereto belonging, are now in the tenure of Constance Browne, widow, for the term of her life, by virtue of a demise to her made long before the death of the said Matthew. William Aprice claims also an estate in the same for his life in reversion or remainder after the death of the said Constance. The residue of the premises in Chitterne All Saints and Chitterne Mary are now in the tenure of Thomas Pantinge and Elizabeth, his wife, for the term of the lives of the said William Aprice, and of John Aprice, brother of the said William, who claim an estate therein for their lives."

Matthew's brother and heir was Henry, Earl of Marlborough.