Longphee, Longuespee, Longuepee, Longueppe, Longaphie Family

Family History

My name is Joseph Longphee, I have traced my family line back to Vincent Longuepee (Longuespee).

Vincent was born in France in 1671. He died in 1714. Vincent was married to Maleleine Rimbault in 1675 in Port Royal, Acadia.

I was told that they had several children, some went back to France with their Father, one of the sons that stayed in Canada for a while was Louis Longuepee.

Louis was born in Cobequid, Acadia, New France in 1692 and died in St Malo, France on June 05 1763. He was married to Anne Brasseau (Brasseaux) in Cobequid, Acadia in 1724. she died in St Servan, lle-et-Vilaine, France.

Their son, Pierre-Louis Longueppe (Longuespee) was born in 1729 and died in 1785. He was married to Marie-Josephe (Bertaud), she was born in 1733 and they were married in Isle of St. Jean in 1758.

One of their sons was Jean-Pierre Longuepee. He was born on the 18th of June, 1761 in St Servan, France. He married Marie Doiron (Duire,Dewar,Dwyer) in 1789.

One of their sons was John Longaphie. John Longaphie (Jean Longuepee) was born in 1796 in Rustico, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He was married to Rose-Anne Detcheverry (Dit Cheverie). They were married in 1827. Their marriage produced three boys that I know of:

John Longaphie born in 1845, was married to Mary Bushy. She was born in 1842. They had two boys that I know of:

John Hudson Longaphie born in 1863 died in 1919. He was married to (Daisy) Theresa MacPhee. She was born in 1868 and died in 1943. Their children were:

Anthony Longphee born Sept 05, 1908, died January 10, 1992 . He was married to Catherine MacDonald. She was born 03 Feb 1907 and died April 28, 1980.

They had 10 children one of which was Daniel Hudson Longphee, He was born 08 March 1932 and was married to Marie MacIsaac on 11 August 1953 in New Waterford, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Marie died in 1958, along with two of her children. I and my sister remain.

Joseph Alexander Longphee

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