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Chitterne's Two Graveyards

Chitterne St Mary's Graveyard and Chitterne All Saints Graveyard

Chitterne has two graveyards dating from the time when Chitterne was two separate parishes, Chitterne All Saints and Chitterne St Mary, with two parish churches. Both churches have since been demolished except for the chancel of Chitterne St Mary. The graveyards connected with the two old parish churches have been in use since medieval times. There is no graveyard at the newer combined parish church, Chitterne All Saints with St Mary's, due to the dampness of the site.

Village map showing Chitterne's two graveyards

Graveyard Plans and Lists of Burials

There are no records in the village of burial plots or plans of the graveyards before 2002. Surveys of the two sites were completed in 2002 - St Mary's, and 2004 - All Saints. All legible gravestones and markers were recorded and plans drawn up of both sites. These have been regularly updated since and are now available below. Each grave is numbered on the plans and a corresponding number appears on the lists.

Plan of Chitterne St Mary graveyard

List of graves at Chitterne St Mary

Plan of Chitterne All Saints graveyard

List of graves at Chitterne All Saints

Graveyard & Burial Guide

A more comprehensive Graveyard & Burial Guide, sourced from local archives, is kept in the church for those who visit the village in person. It contains an alphabetical list of all the occupants of both graveyards from September 1900 and of earlier ones with legible memorials. There are also separate lists of villagers who died, and who served in the two world wars. Laminated maps of the graveyards are available for you to borrow while you search.

If a personal visit is not possible and you would like a burial looked up in this guide just fill in the form with your details and those of the grave you are looking for.

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