James George - Mary Feltham Family Tree

James George’s parents are Thomas George who was born in about 1760 in Wiltshire and Betty Sainsbury who was born about 1763 in Wiltshire. They were married on the 1st August 1784 in Chitterne All Saints, Wiltshire. They had four children, including James – they were Sarah (1785), Mary (1798) and Martha (1798) these last two may have been twins.

James was born in Chitterne in 1787 and was baptised there on 22nd April 1787. He married Mary Feltham at some point probably between 1810 and 1812 – I was unable to trace a marriage record online. Mary was born in 1785 in Orcheston where she was baptised on 22nd September 1785. On the baptism record, her parents are given as Edward Feltham and Elizabeth. Edward was baptised in Shrewton, Wiltshire on 26th December 1754 – I have no other information on his wife Elizabeth.

James and Mary seem to have lived in Berwick St. James in Wiltshire between 1810 and 1817, as the first two children Eliza and Thomas were baptised in Berwick St. James. By 1818, they had moved to Chitterne, as the remaining children were all baptised in Chitterne. They are down on the 1841 census in Chitterne All Saints and also on the 1851 census in the same place. James’ occupation is quoted as a carrier. James appears to have died in 1852 as there is a death record in his name in the December quarter of this year. Mary has a death date of 20th February 1860, but I have been unable to trace any record in the BMD registers at this time.

Children of James and Mary

Eliza (down in the family bible as Elizabeth) was baptised on 18th April 1813. She married James Lawes in 1836 in Devizes in Wiltshire, according to Pallot’s Marriage Index for England 1780-1837. By 1841, they are living in Tilshead, where they remain in the 1851 census. Eliza appears to die the June quarter of 1855 in Tilshead, according to the BMD registers – James Lawes then appears to re-marry, as he appears in the 1861 census in Tilshead with a wife called Jane and a 4 year old son called Samuel. I have not gone any further with James Lawes. As stated in the family bible, there are no children.

I have come across the following information in the Chitterne parish records which shows that Eliza (or Elizabeth) does appear to have a daughter in 1832 as there is a record for an Anna Friker being born on 22nd January 1832 and baptised on 26th February in Chitterne. Her father is given as Thomas Friker, but I cannot trace him any further, and her mother is given as Eliza George. Usually when the mother’s name is given with her maiden name like this it means that the couple were not married – there were at this time two Elizabeth Georges in Chitterne, but I believe this is James and Mary’s daughter because she is named as Eliza, and this is how she appears in all the records. The other Elizabeth George, on the other hand, is always referred to as Elizabeth.

Thomas was baptised in Berwick St. James on 16th June 1811, although the birth date in the family bible is 30th April 1815 – I am baffled by this discrepancy, as I remain convinced that the baptism record is correct. I have tried to find another one for Thomas without success; as all the other children were actually baptised, it does not seem likely to me that Thomas was not. I have put a note on Thomas’s baptism record on my own family tree pointing out this discrepancy. Thomas married Lydia Adlam on 24th June 1850 in Chitterne, and they live in Chitterne St. Mary during the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses – by the 1881 census, they are in Chitterne All Saints. Thomas’ occupation is given as retailer of beer (1851), carrier/beer house keeper (1861), mealman (1871) and depending on cottage rents (1881). He died in the September quarter of 1889, while Lydia had already died in the March quarter of 1882. As with Eliza above, there were no children.

Mary Ann was baptised in Chitterne on 21st October 1818. In the 1841 census, she is living in Chitterne All Saints with her parents. In 1843, Mary had a daughter whom she called Sarah – Sarah was baptised on 24th December 1843 in Chitterne – there is no father’s name given on the record, only Mary Ann as her mother. According to other family trees I have looked at on Ancestry, Sarah was born in the Union Workhouse in Warminster. Sarah appears to have been brought up by her grandparents James and Mary in 1851, then by her uncle Thomas by 1861. On 25th October 1865, Sarah married William Mead Poolman, with whom she had seven children, always living in Chitterne until her death on 26th November 1906 – she was buried on 29th November 1906.

Returning to Mary Ann, she married John Poolman in Chitterne on 1st December 1847, as per a copy marriage certificate in my possession. She died on 30th June 1848, either in childbirth or as a result of childbirth, again as per a copy death certificate in my possession. It appears that the child survived as on 2nd July 1848 James Poolman was baptised in Chitterne, his parents being named as John Poolman and Mary Ann. He does not appear to have survived long, as he does not appear with his father in the 1851 census – I have found a death record in the March quarter of 1850 for a James Poolman, and I think this is him.

Louisa was baptised on 11th June 1821 in Chitterne, and I know nothing more than is written in the family bible in the possession of Elaine Bolter Duda.

Sarah was baptised on 14th March 1824 in Chitterne. I have found a Sarah George of roughly the right age in Marylebone, London in the 1841 census working as a female servant and this is the best match I can find in 1841. On 25th January 1850, she married Samuel Barker Kirkby in London – the James Kirkly mentioned in the family bible is in fact their son, born 31st May 1850 in Stevenage in Hertfordshire. In the 1851 census, Sarah and James are in Chitterne with her parents, noted as visitors. James appears to have been brought up in Chitterne, as in 1861 he is living with his uncle Thomas in Chitterne. He disappears after this and is next in Sheffield, Yorkshire where on 31st July 1881 he married an Emily Leech; by 1891 he is living with Emily and three children in Portsmouth, Hampshire. According to family trees on Ancestry, he died in Portsmouth in 1898 – by that time, he and Emily had had six children. Most of the information on the Kirkby family I have obtained is on the Ancestry tree called glendakgardiner, which is a mine of information on the family – there is actually a picture of James Kirkby in uniform there, so he may have been in the Army during the time he disappears.

Returning to Sarah, she has six children, including James with Samuel Barker Kirkby. These are James (1850-1898), Emily Grace Kirkby (1853-1854), Mary Ann Kirkby (1855-1869), Joseph (1857), Sarah (1859-1859) and Emily Grace (1859). It was not unusual for a later child to be given the same name as a sibling who had died – this is why there are two girls called Emily Grace. The latter Emily Grace is the one who married Charles Baker in 1890 – as far as I have gone, up to the 1901 census, I have found six children, the others will no doubt appear when I get to the 1911 census.

Sarah died on 26th January 1859 in Colchester in Essex – her death is described on a note attached to one of her children quoted later. Samuel Barker Kirkby remains a mystery to me – other than his marriage to Sarah and his death, which took place on 4th August 1867 in Colchester, I know nothing about him. After Sarah’s death, he seems to disappear – in the 1861 census the three surviving children, Mary Ann, Joseph and Emily are all found in Colchester at different locations, all with people who seem to have no connection to the children. In the 1871 census, Joseph is still in Colchester with yet another family, while Emily Grace is in Gloucestershire in an orphanage. By this time, Mary Ann is dead, having drowned in February 1869 in Colchester. The answer to her death and the dispersal of the children by 1861 is possibly explained by the following account which I found on Ancestry.

Mary Ann Kirkby was born in 1855 Colchester, Essex in England to parents Samuel Barker Kirkby and Sarah George. Soon after the birth of her younger sister Emily her mother fell ill and died Phthisis. She lied in bed for 9 days and 4 of these days suffered from Pneumonia until her death. Phthisis is a form of Tuberculosis which was called consumption because it consumed people from within, with a bloody cough, fever, pallor, and long relentless wasting away. After Mary's mothers death in 1859 i'm unsure of where she lived soon after that but in 1868 her Aunt Dorothy Kirkby and Uncle Samuel Kirkby wrote letters to an orphanage in Gloucestershire to get them to take her and her sister Emily, and their brothers were to go to other families. Yet in 1869 Mary Ann had a tragic accident, she was found drowned by a river in Colchester. So only Emily went on to the Orphanage.

I do not know who wrote the above, but they obviously seem to have personal knowledge of the family. This is used courtesy of Sarah Amott. There is nothing I can add.

James Was baptised on 3rd December 1826 in Chitterne, and on the baptism record I have found his date of birth is given as 30th November 1826. He is not mentioned in the transcript of the information taken from the family bible, but I believe this is because he does not appear to survive – I can find no further record of him on Ancestry. There may well be a record of a death in the Chitterne parish records for him, but at present I do not have access to the burial records.

John Rogers

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