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All my past notes and ongoing research continue to be added to alphabetical lists of people (not living) who had a connection to Chitterne. I hope to link the lists to this page soon. Meanwhile, if you would like the notes on your Chitterne family/families please email me.

At the bottom of the page, I have included a list of surnames that have already provoked interest. Please email me if you would like to be put in touch with the person researching your family:- Sue Robinson

Articles and Links to Information on Chitterne People and Places

Below are links to information about people and places connected with Chitterne on other websites and articles written by researchers, as well as links to my own research.

Ashleys of Chitterne
(includes more village history and a branch of the Feltham Family)

George Ashley, born Chitterne 1819

William Frederick Brown

William Fred "Farmer" Brown of Scotland Yard

Samuel Biggs

Rev John Thomas Canner

Chitterne at the Turn of the 20th Century

The Missing Churches

William Samuel Cleverley b. 1820

The Compton Family

Annie Compton

Percy Dean and Scout Motors of Salisbury

Ela, Countess of Salisbury

Everley Family History

Isaac Feltham's Bible

The Flower Family

Foyles of Chitterne

James George - Mary Feltham Family Tree

Chitterne Grants

John Grant 1743 and Chitterne Post Mill NEW

Two Richard Haywards

Alice Mary Langford

The Longs

William Longespee, 3rd Earl of Salisbury NEW

Longphee, Longaphie, Longueppe, Longuepee, Longuespee Family

Stirnet web pages for the Longespee Family. NB this site is no longer free

Frank Maidment

Who was Hester Matravers?

Frederick James Meaden 1871-1940
Though he is not strictly a Chitterne person, being merely a grandson of Mary Ann Feltham of Chitterne, his tale of high drama is included here for interest and to illustrate the results that can be obtained by diligent historical research

The Michell Family

Commodore Matthew Michell

Moodys of Chitterne

Moonrakers Wiltshire Genealogy

The Morgan Family

Charles Morris

Polden and Feltham

Poolmans in the News
newspaper clippings about the Poolman family 1832 - 1926 collected by ME

The Potters of Chitterne NEW

Family of Edward of Salisbury

Jacob Smith: a self-made man

Tracing Ancestors: Mary Ann Feltham & David Meaden

The Wallis Family

John Wallis Titt

Family Search has been recommended particularly for its files on Wallises and Titts

Chitterne at War has World War 1 photos and lists of those who served and died

We Will Remember Them
the story of Chitterne's WW1 dead as told in a talk given by GD on 11th November 2011 in aid of ABF the soldier's charity. The men involved are William Feltham; Walter Sweet; Hector Down; Arthur Feltham; Harold Robinson; John Wallis and Edward Burgess

Chitterne at War Again
includes a photo of the Chitterne Home Guard in World War 2 and more

Chitterne Remembered reminiscences of an evacuee

Chitterne Band 3 photographs of the band

Chitterne Football Club 2 photos

Election Riots of 1885
the men involved were George Alford; John Poolman; Thomas Moody; Frank Cooper; Abdon Poolman; Joseph Grant; George and Robert Blake; Charles Burbidge; William Samuel Cleverley.  

If anyone knows of any more sites about Chitterne people please email.

Chitterne family names being researched:-

Abery Adkins Ashley Ayres

Balch Batchelor Biggs Blisset Bolter Bowle Brown Burgess Burt Butler

Carter Chitterne Churchill Clancy Clem Cleverley Cockrell Coles Collins Compton Cruse

Dean Dewey Down Draper Drewett Dyer

Everley Eyles

Farley Feltham Flower Found Foyle Frankham Fricker Fripp Furnell

Gagen Gauntlett George Gibbs Grant Grist

Haines Hart Helps Hinton Hull


Jones Jordan

Langford Lavington Light Long Longespee

Mabbett Maidment Maxton Mead/Meaden Michell Moody Morgan Mundy

Naish Nash Newbury-Coles Nokes

Onslow Orledge

Pearce Plumbley Polden Poolman Potter

Robinson Robson Rooke

Sanders Saxby Searchfield Sheppard Slade Small Smith Sprack Spreadborough/Spreadbury Stacey Stokes Sweet

Timbury Titt


Wadhams Wallis Whatley Wheeler Whitbread White Wilkins Williams Windsor Woodyear Wright