Chitterne Football Club

A meeting to discuss starting a football club in Chitterne was first held in 1902. By the early 1920's the club was thriving and by 1923 had reached it's zenith, when Chitterne Football Club won the Warminster Hospital Cup for the third season running.

The 1920 -21 Chitterne team.

Back Row

Bill Bartlett, Owen Polden, Harry Sheppard, Evelyn Feltham, Lewis Feltham

Middle Row

Alban Polden, Don Wallis, Stan Herrington

Front Row

? Coates, George Bailey, Geoff Feltham, Bill Spratt, Stan Feltham

Chitterne Football Club pictured in 1923, outside All Saints Manor Farm.

Back row

Dick Bailey, Lewis Feltham, unknown, George Bailey, Ted Sheppard

Middle row

Ted Bailey, Fred Grant, Alban Polden, Frank Bailey, Harry Sheppard, Stan Feltham, unknown, Owen Polden, Bill Bartlett

Front row

Frank Grant, Stan Grant, Evelyn Feltham, unknown, unknown, Bill Spratt

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