Chitterne Band

The earliest image we have of Chitterne Band is from around 1880, when Abdon Polden was Bandmaster. He is the gentleman in the bowler hat. One other bandsman is known: Mark Titt, on the far left.

The second image, taken some years later, shows Bandmaster Polden once again, with his trademark eyepatch, bowler hat and beard, looking a little older. Mark Titt is also on this photo, in the centre of the back row.

Abdon Polden died in 1924, and the band's fortunes seem to have declined after his death. A paragraph in the Warminster Journal of Friday, 1st June 1928 says:

"For many years the village of Chitterne has possessed a popular brass band, but unfortunately numbers are now getting smaller and funds are low. It was with this good object in view of creating some additional interest in the band, and also augmenting the depleted 'chest', that a fete was held at Chitterne on Bank Holiday. The Chitterne Band under bandmaster A. Polden, gave a good programme of selections."

Just who A. Polden is, I am not sure, does anyone know?

The third photo was taken after Abdon Polden's time. Bill Churchill is third from right, front row.

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