I am indebted to Pauline White for her enthusiasm, encouragement and fast search skills, and through Pauline, to Michael Tighe at Mere for help with the Morrises; for suggestions and help with the oram's Grave problem to Steve Hobbs at the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre; and for pictures and help, to the staff at the Warminster Museum. To villagers, Jeanne and her late husband Ernie George, and Virginia Pryor for access to their archives, also to Virginia for the painting of the Gate House and to Ernie for his wonderful drawings. To the late Laurie Wallis, Fred and Kath Babey, Bill Windsor, Pam Jones, Connie Gorry, Linda and Graham Dean and Ivy and the late Percy Maidment for their time and reminiscences and to Pete Ash, Alan Sprack, Ray Poolman, the late Bert Bailey, Bill Windsor, Tim Churchill, Don Spratt, Ralph Bracher and Nigel Gorry for photos. A special thank you to Rachel Hardy for preparing maps of the village for me.

I have been helped by so may emailers who have contacted me with more information and pictures, that they are too numerous to mention here. I have tried to include an acknowledgement alongside each contribution in the text, but if I have forgotten anyone please forgive me. Your enthusiasm and kind words of encouragement keep me going!

However, I must mention that I am specially indebted to Pat Ricketts and John & Rose Rogers for their great efforts in the cause of village research and also Elizabeth Chadwick for alerting me to the latest research on the medieval period, including the answer to the: "who was the mother of William Longespee?" problem. Elizabeth, I love your novels, please keep on writing about the people and the times. To my readers, check out Elizabeth's books that not only brilliantly evoke the atmosphere, but include some characters connected with medieval Chitterne at

Last, but not least, I could not have made these pages happen without the help and expertise of my late daughter Mandy, the first little webmaster who is very much missed; and Dave, who is always patient and encouraging.
Thank you all.